What is this place?

For now, it's a place where three guys plan to go and share their thoughts and observations. In the end we hope it will be much more than that. Perhaps a podcast, maybe reviews, or even an app created here and there. No doubt the flow may be slow to start, but we'll try to stay current. Perhaps we'll even have a guest or two.

Who are these guys?

Jesse: Brilliant. Jesse has the mind to soak up new technology like a sponge. There is nothing he can't learn and, in short order, master. I'd like to think I taught him a thing or three and I'm pretty sure that's the count. Me three and him nine billion.

Dave: Experienced. Dave has seen and done many things in his time and is a master at putting the pieces together. I've learned quite a bit from Dave so be sure to check him out and I'm sure you will too.

Rob: Well, that's me. I'm between these guys. There was a time when I was like Jesse and had a ravenous need to absorb new technology. Time seems to have taken a bit of that away from me... but that's OK since in time I hope to reach a point where I am more like Dave. Until then I'll be poking Jesse with new ideas and relying on Dave to reel us back in.

Why this place?

I don't know about you folks but I like hearing from intelligent, funny, and informed people. I'm not sure where you get your fix for such things, but as for me... I know some guys.