Future Development Projects

We’ve decided to take what we’ve learned over the years and put together a few applications that always seem to have way too many moving parts for most organizations. With a simple user interface and straightforward process we think these will be great additions to just about any company.

Our goal with starting these three products is to help eliminate the build vs. buy decision that can cause attempts to improve processes stagnate. We build these applications with the hope that they will be just what some folks need but realize that off the shelf products rarely fit the real need. We can work with you to customize these to fit the way you work, instead of you trying to squeeze what may be quite a bit of process into a small box.

Task / Ticket Tracking

A hosted application that helps you document action items, track assignments, and stay informed about the tasks at hand. This system is what we are working toward within our own organization. Our clients will be given access as well so they can make requests and help document and track the work we do for them.

Web Hosting and Management

Many small to mid size organizations don’t have people dedicated full time to their website maintenance. This often leads to stagnant pages or worse, pages that wind up out of sorts and appearing to be broken. We are working to create a template based application to allow for creation of new pages and modification using simple tools.

Event Management Tool

From live events to web hosted events creating web pages, registrations forms, and email communications are all incredibly important. Our hosted service can easily fit into your process and help take some of the grunt work off your plate and where things that can be automated belong… with an application. We also have partners that we can pair you with if you need a fully managed solution.