Dave Gallagher


First Certified Lotus Instructor...Ever

Dave started working with Lotus Notes with version 2.1 as a Lotus Certified Lotus Instructor and Professional. He has the distinction of being the first fully certified Lotus instructor, and he served as a Subject Matter Expert for Lotus, helping create the courseware and tests required for certification. He has consulted in Notes/Domino implementation, installation, administration, and application development in the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and legal industries, and he has prepared and delivered Notes presentations, demonstrations, and technical workshops on behalf of Lotus Development Corporation across North America, Europe, and APAC.

He enjoys pushing Notes to its limits and then some, whether that involves getting it to talk intimately with prehistoric data systems or convincing the Notes Client to act as an image viewer and editor for the legal industry.

One of his favorite gigs involved teaching System Administration and Application Development for five days to a class consisting of 37 students from 17 different countries in a monastery in Belgium. If anyone needs that sort of thing done, he's your man.

Rob Esbensen


Who? Oh right, that guy.

Rob has been working with Notes for close to 19 years. He began with creating applications for a training company where he was a Certified Lotus Instructor as well as a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Teaching entry level to high end administration and development classes. Rob helped to turn that live instructor led company into a distance learning organization which then turned into a web conferencing company working with the top pharmaceutical companies. Through out this time he continued to push Notes / Domino as the driving force for back end and customer facing web sites.

Rob spends most of his time these days providing consulting to clients and working with management teams to develop solutions that improve efficiencies and productivity often serving as the translator between business and technical speak. He spends too much time in conference rooms and misses the classroom. He helps put together a terrific team capable of taking his often wild ideas and making them reality. His only regret is going from code monkey to monkey suits ( and not the cool kind ).

Jesse Gallagher


Yes, THE Jesse Gallagher

Jesse has been working with Notes and Domino for 8 years though we believe he has been writing code since leaving the womb. Quite possibly prior to that though we have no way of verifying.

He has worked extensively with XPages for the last several years. Jesse stretches the boundaries of just what is considered possible with Domino; even putting Ruby in XPages. He is an IBM Champion and very active in the community and a contributing member of org.openNTF.domino API project which provides a modernized API for Domino development in Java and JVM-based languages.